Configure Query

Edit the Divi Loop Module

In the query panel, you can easily configure your desired query. Simply select your post type and adjust the number of posts you wish to display.

Once Configured, update the page.

You will get the desired posts based on your configured query.

There are some advanced query options as well. Which you can enable.

From advanced options, you can set offset, and filter down your posts based on specific taxonomy and taxonomy terms.

Each WordPress post type may have multiple taxonomies, you can limit your query to specific taxonomy only.

For example, the default post has two taxonomies. Categories and Tags, let's select categories.

You can copy the taxonomy identifier from the URL when you click on the specific taxonomy. In this case categories from the default posts. Copy that.

And paste it into the Selective Taxonomy only field.

You can further choose to display posts from specific taxonomy terms.

Copy term's slug.

And paste into taxonomy terms field. You can add multiple terms separated by a comma.

That's it. It is how easy you can query any posts from your WordPress website.